Guide For Getting The Perfect Nursing Bra

How do I find the perfect nursing bra? When do I need a nursing bra and how does it actually work? We have been working intensively on the properties of pregnancy and nursing bras. We will tell you what really matters with a good nursing bra and how to find your perfect fit.

nursing bra

We are here to help you because your personal well-being starts with your underwear and this is particularly important when everything suddenly feels new. It is ultimately about you and your body. Many women generally wear the wrong bra size, but especially during pregnancy, it is very important to find the right nursing bra.

Maternity bra – when do I need one?

You are expecting a baby and are maybe considering whether you cannot just continue wearing your usual bras. Your body will change over the next few weeks and months, but you can look forward to it. Finally, a new life grows in you. Some women notice that they are pregnant before they even hold the positive pregnancy test in their hands. It is so because not only the waist circumference increase but also the breasts suddenly feel heavier and become more sensitive. Then the favorite bra is no longer comfortable. Maternity bras give you the support you need without constricting. We pay attention to skin-friendly materials so that the cups really feel good on the skin. However, wide, adjustable straps provide extra comfort.

What are the advantages of a nursing bra?

  • Better adjustment of the size by at least six rows of ticks
  • Wider, adjustable straps for extra comfort
  • No rubbing thanks to particularly skin-friendly and soft cups
  • Gentle hold without constricting thanks to the ribbed sections and side supports

Not only does your stomach grow during pregnancy, but your breasts also change increasingly. Did you notice that you were pregnant before you even got the confirmation from the doctor? Many women feel the same way. Your breasts usually increase in volume early, can be tight and are suddenly very sensitive. In addition, your chest widens to make room for the baby.

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The usual favorite bra usually has only one closure with a maximum of two to three adjustable rows of ticks. These are often not lined and feel uncomfortable on the sensitive skin. Most nursing bras have closures with at least six rows of ticks, the adjustable straps and side-nursing supports give your breasts extra shape.

When is the right time for a nursing bra?

Once you feel that your bra is starting to pinch or squeeze, it is time to think about a maternity or nursing bra. This is often the case in the first weeks of pregnancy. First, we recommend a maternity bra. This not only protects your sensitive skin and can prevent stretch marks. Your breast is also optimally supported thanks to special rib-knit sections without constricting.

How do I find the right size for my nursing bra?

  1. Take precise measurements at the beginning of the 4th month of pregnancy at the latest.
  2. We recommend repeated measurements in the 7th month and shortly before birth.
  3. Measuring process: First, measure the circumference directly under your breast and then measure your breast yourself.
  4. Important for the underbust width: The measuring tape must run flat over the back and rest firmly (so that you can still breathe).
  5. Important for the overbust width: The measuring tape lies loosely so that it does not constrict the breasts.

What we recommend you when buying a nursing bra

If you choose a nursing bra, please make sure that it fits really well. We recommend that you take exact measurements at the beginning of the 4th month of pregnancy at the latest. Repeated measurements should then take place around the 7th month and shortly before birth. To do this, first, measure the circumference directly under your breast and then your breast itself. When measuring the underbust width, please make sure that the measuring tape runs flat over the back and lies firmly so that you can still breathe well. When measuring the overbust width, it is important that the measuring tape is loose so that it does not constrict the breasts. Otherwise, it could distort the measurement. Do not forget to check that the band is at the same height across your chest and back.

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With a maternity and nursing bra, you should make sure that it could be closed with the tightest hook. Therefore, your bra can grow comfortable with your chest because it will expand in the next few months. The straps should not cut in and the cups must not indent your sensitive breast.

With a pregnancy bra, it is best to check exactly whether the underwire is not on your breast. If this is the case, the cup is too small and/or the underbust band is too wide. The underwire must rest comfortably on the ribs, the underbust band always run in a horizontal line over your back. Otherwise, the selected scope is too large.

How does nursing bra work?

  • High comfort during the day and at night
  • Has discreet breastfeeding access for easy breastfeeding
  • Offers enough space for breast pads and milk injection

Above all, a nursing bra promises maximum support, comfort, and easy handling. While you mainly benefit from comfort during pregnancy, a nursing bra supports you in a very special way during breastfeeding. You can open the special nursing clips on the straps with one hand so that you have your hands free for your baby. At home, a small grip is enough and you can concentrate on your baby. However, you can also breastfeed relaxed and discreetly in public, especially in connection with nursing shirts or blouses with practical breastfeeding access. Nursing bras also offer you enough space for nursing pads, so you feel safe on the go.

How many nursing bras do I need?

Depending on how your breast changes, you need at least two nursing bras to change at the beginning and can change to a larger size in the last trimester if necessary. Before giving birth, we advise you to buy two or three more nursing bras in good time, taking into account the milk margin. Therefore, it makes sense to leave enough air here and take a cup size larger. Nursing pads also have enough space. In combination with the matching nursing nightwear, you will feel right at home in the hospital.

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Which nursing bra suits me?

At first glance, pregnancy and nursing bras hardly differ from a conventional bra, although they hide some practical details. You should feel completely comfortable in your body and be able to move freely. Keep wearing nice underwear that suits you personally. Whether for pregnancy yoga or for everyday work or later breastfeeding your baby, find your personal favorite.


For starters, comfortable, everyday nursing bras are certainly the best choice. While you are breastfeeding, the other breast is held sufficiently and the breastfeeding side is supported. Particularly soft, skin-friendly materials ensure that the cups feel good on the skin. Later, when your chest shrinks again, you can close your nursing bra a little more. So he adapts to your chest little by little.