Effective Tips to Create a Strong Password

Today, it is impossible for us to spend a day without logging on to some of the websites, but this need also poses the risk of online security. Therefore, it is extremely important to generate a strong password and it can also be done with the help of an automatic password generator. Here I will share a few tips if you want to do it on your own.

Create Patterns

A great idea to make a strong password is to memorize the patterns on the keyboard, but it will also depend on how good visual memory you have. It would be like remembering a long pattern to unlock just on the keyboard of a computer. In this way, you will always make the same moves and it will not really matter what characters you include, as long as they have numbers, letters and symbols.

Use The Name Of The Service To Remember Them

For all passwords to be different you can remember where each one goes, you can use the name of the service in your personalized formula. For example, let’s say you are going to create an account in Yahoo to use email service. You could define that the password for this site by including something that identifies it, like the first and last letter or only the vowels that would be ‘aoo’ and complete the letters with the rest of your secret formula.

Numbers Instead Of Letters

A secure password must include all types of characters and one way to do this is to convert certain letters to numbers that have a similar shape. For example, let’s say you chose the word ‘pastime’ as a password to create an account. To make it more secure, you can enter the numbers and symbols by changing certain letters, which would make you have something like ‘[email protected]!me’. It looks like it was written by a teenager, but it will be worth it for the reason that it will greatly increase the safety of your password.

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If All Else Fails, Use A Password Generator And Manager!

If you still think it is very difficult to create and remember strong passwords for the reason that you have a bad memory, then you can use an online service to generate a secure a password. Such services usually only make you remember a password and the others are created and stored by them to be used when you need them. The good thing is that you will get long password, full of all kinds of characters and, of course, they are very strong.