Are You Really Productive or Simply Wasting your Time By Being Busy – Learn The Difference

Let me give you straight, if you go to bed with a smile most of the time, content that you did something useful today and that something is taking you closer to your goals, you are onto something!

If you have this feeling most of the days, you will be successful in whatever endeavour you chose for yourself.

BUT, if this feeling is alien to you, and you feel something like this:

  • You work 10 hours a day and still think you have not done enough
  • Your mind jump from one work to another without finishing the previous one.
  • At the end of the quarter, you feel you have hardly accomplished anything

Are these the common questions that goes on in your mind most of the time?


  1. These are top 5 things that you might be doing wrong:
  2. Trying to do too many things at the same time, and usually end up doing little or nothing
  3. Not sure of what your priority is
  4. Not planning the night before the tasks that needs to be done the next day
  5. Have no list of 3 month, 6 month or 1 year goals.
  6. Allowing too many distractions to come in the way

Steps you can take to Increase your Productivity 10x Times:

1) List only one major task that needs to be done no matter what, every day. The task should take at least few hours of your time. Focus on this task only till you are satisfied that you have annihilated it. In about a month time you would have completed 30 such important tasks like these. I promise you that you will be at the top of the world once you see your accomplishment in this way. Imagine your state of mind in 6 months or 1 year’s time!! INDEED LESS IS MORE.

2) Elaborating on the previous point, make sure you decide a day before what this ONE task should be. This is where your short, medium and long term goal will come in action. Be very selective in choosing your task. Lets take an example: there are lot of things that are pretty much automatic for me now. I know that I have already planned my diet, I know what kind of workouts I will be doing. I dont really have to give it a major thought rather simply go through the motion. But recently, I am planning to start my own blog which requires me to write articles, ebook and other content. Now, this is creative work. My creativity is at peak in the morning hours. I know if my morning is wasted in menial tasks its almost impossible for me to research and write an article. So if I decide that writing an awesome article would be one thing i need to do in a comprehensive manner i know my day will be accomplished and it will put a smile on my face if i can complete one good article. One should live for this feeling. Please remember that this task should be not that easy also. Consuming 150gms of protein was tough for me, now its easy. Working for 10 hours a day was tough for me, now its pretty much a norm. Select a task that you think will make you slightly uncomfortable. Even if writing an article takes me half of my day, i know its important for me and it will help me in long run. Anyways, you decide what tasks is important and then go for it!

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3) Divide your day in chunks. If you decide to work for 7 hours or so, divide your day in 3 to 4 chunks of few hours each. Make sure you are in a place where no one disturbs you and you work for few hours. After which your mind will tell you to rest. Give yourself a break. By break i mean dont switch on the TV, nor open Facebook, these are mind draining activities that will tire you even further. Instead play with your baby (yeah i have the freedom since i work from home sometimes:) ), or ideally take a nap, listen to soothing and powerful music, something that recharges you. Take a break of no more than 20 minutes or so, and get back to your work. Before lunch time aim to put in at least 60% of the total time allocated to work for the whole day.

4) Schedule your worry: this is is really helping me off lately. If you worry too much about being fat, abt losing your hair too soon, about being not rich, about not being loved dont worry we all have those thought! Neither i am going to give you a motivational jargon that you should think positive and all that, instead do this: Pick up a slot, ideally 15 minutes, and write all your worries on a piece of paper. List everything and everyone that are troubling you. Do it now, its fun. Now, tear that paper and throw that paper in the dustbin, mentally say to yourself that you are done with them. You wanna go a step forward, burn the darn paper. Do it, light a matchstick and burn it. Its very soothing, seeing all your worries burn away and turning into ashes. Does it work, YEAH! Of course for me it does. Do it yourself and let me know the results. One other thing that is happening with this is you are freeing yourself lot of time to be productive in taking action and not simply worrying or thinking about a particular outcome.

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5) List 3-5 non-creative small tasks everyday: we are not all writers or artist, that we simply can do with painting a picture the whole day. We have bills to pay, we have businesses to run and families to take care of! In addition to your one linchpin creative tasks do doing these 3 to 5 tasks are also essential. It can be that important phone call that you have been planning for a very long time, or it can taking your family out and spend quality time with them, yes list these things down. Trust me, what gets schedule, gets done. Listing even small minor things down in your to do list have more chances of being get done than otherwise.

6) LASTLY, the key: Nutrition. yes, if you keep gulping down mugs of black coffee thinking it will keep your productivity and creativity at all time high, think again! Coffee is a stimulant that keeps you in a good mood for a short period of time after which you enter into a state of anxiety, mood swings etc, and before you know it you will need another shot to keep up. I am not against coffee, i too have it, but in moderation. Dont overdo it, instead try this: drink green tea (it has very mimilistic amount of caffeine which is ok), or even coconut water. Its rejuvenating. Overall, keep your diet balanced with mainly raw food. Vegetable juices are the best that helps you concentrate on work. Infact, mixing one tablespoon of desi ghee in your vegetable juice can take your energy through the roof!

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Being highly relevant with your time is the key. Anyone and everyone can stay busy for hours, but the real question is whether your work is aligned with your medium and long term goals. Only you know better!