10 Great Swimming Pool Exercises To Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight but find the gym and other regular ways of exercise boring? Well, then this article is for you. To make workout more fun, losing weight an exciting activity and not a battle, try some swimming pool workouts, also known as aquatic exercises. you will be surprised to know that working in water has proven to be more effective and accelerates weight loss process. The innumerable benefits of pool exercises make it a much-preferred way of workout especially among those who want to reduce fat in a fun manner.


Who doesn’t love water sports? Splashes of water, cool environment and exciting clothing makes swimming pool exercises a lot more fun. Beyond fun factor, pool exercises for weight loss are ideal for everyone. It is not only for people who want to lose weight but also for people who want are suffering from joint pains and related diseases.

Why Swimming Pool Exercises for weight loss is more effective?

  1. The water provides natural resistance that strengthens the muscles and tones the body.
  2. The buoyancy of water provides supports to our body which makes swimming pool exercises easier. It enhances agility and flexibility of water, making the movements easy.
  3. It prevents chances of injury, falls and accidents.
  4. It improves balance and endurance. Boosts confidence of the person.
  5. Swimming pool exercises have proven to be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  6. It helps in faster recovery from joint injuries and bone fractures.
  7. water aerobics workout burns calories faster in a shorter period of time.
  8. It improves cardiovascular health and heals several chronic conditions with the therapeutic effects of water.
  9. Water is said to have a soothing effect on the human mind. Therefore, swimming pool workouts can heal neurological conditions and relieve stress.

Swimming pool workouts are suitable for everyone who knows swimming or learning to swim. It is also said to be a very safe fitness routine for overweight people. Here is a list of pool exercises for weight loss and healing.

  1. Water jogging or walking: Jogging may not be a very exciting exercise. Make it more fun and thrilling by taking it inside the pool and burn calories at a higher rate. At a high intensity, you can burn more than 17 calories a minute, which is much higher than jogging on the ground. This swimming pool exercise is great for the knees and legs.

Technique: In chest or waist-high water, start with walking in the pool and slowly increase the speed for intense jogging at a place. Jog for at least one minute before slowing it down to walking for 30 seconds. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes as a warm-up.

  1. Cycling: One of the best swimming pool exercises happens to be cycling. Cycling can be fun when performed in a group. This workout is great not only for your abs, but your core, shoulders, and legs.

Technique: Take the support of an edge at the pool or a pool noodle and begin to peddle your legs at medium intensity.

  1. Spiderman: This is one of the most popular exercises to do in the pool for anyone aiming to burn fat and lose weight. This swimming pool exercise targets the core and back muscles. All you are trying to do during this workout is defy gravity and water makes it easier. Just like Spiderman does, you too have to run up the wall. At the side of the pool, find yourself a comfortable place. Take support of your arms to keep your head above the water and start running your feet up and down. Do 8 reps of this to feel the effect.
  2. Pool squat jumps: Squatting is an effective workout, but it may not be so much fun on land. This is a great exercise for the lower body.
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Technique: Stand in the pool with your hips shoulder-width apart. Slowly drop your hip to the bottom. Jump out of the water like a dancing dolphin.

  1. One Leg lifts: This aquatic exercise improves balances and strengthens your core and leg muscles. All you have to do is maintain balance on one leg.

Technique: Start with standing in waist-high water. Lift you one knee up and place on the pool noodle. Keep your hands on the side and try and maintain the balance on one leg for a minute. Then change the leg and repeat for a minute.

  1. Pool Plank Hold: If you like to be fit and regular exercising is your thing, you are probably an expert in performing planks on the land. This version of swimming pool plank is a lot easier yet an effective workout for core strengthening.

 Technique: Hold the pool noodle in front of you and take the plank position. The noodle will support your weight, but make sure your elbows and your body should be parallel to the pool floor. Hold this position for at least a minute and repeat again.

  1. Fly Backs: This is one of the most impactful swimming pool exercises for weight loss. Just as its classic version, the underwater flyback is useful to tone the upper body, chest, and arms.

 Technique: Begin in a lunge position, spread your arms out straight in front of you. Keep them as high as your chest. Move your arms to the side, open them wide and repeat.

  1. Pool Push-ups: This is one of the best swimming workouts that work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. It also engages and strengthens the lower back, core, and abs.
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 Technique: Not very different from the classic floor push-up, in the pool version you need to get to the side of the pool and start in standing position. Place arms shoulder-width apart on the pool ledge. Push the weight to your hands and lift your body up and outside the water.

  1. Front kicks: This is a fun exercise that will make lots of waves in the pool and work on your core, legs, and abs.

Technique: Start in a standing position to the side wall of the pool. Rest your elbows on the ledge and lift your legs up and start kicking with high intensity in the pool.

  1. Pendulum swings: This is an amazing exercise to do in the pool. All you have to do is imitate the pendulum motion with your legs.

 Technique: Find support at the edge of the pool. Keep legs straight and begin by lifting one leg as high as you can. Repeat 10 times for one leg and then switch over to the other leg. Water creates good resistance for your legs, making the muscles work harder for good results.


These are the best swimming pool exercises for weight loss and other purposes for beginners. You can take your swimming pool workout to next level by triceps dips, crunches, cardio, scissor kicks, sculling and more exercises to do in the pool. Every time you jump in the pool for a workout, make sure you have dressed appropriately, wearing the water shoes and do not go deeper than your waist level. So, with these amazing swimming pool exercises get back in shape and improve your confidence.