Ways to Increase Life of Your Log House

Lack of proper maintenance is one of the most common problems with most of the log houses and because of this reason, the condition of the house does not look great. Log house maintenance is basically a process of overall up keeping on the log shell to make sure that there are proper arrangements for keeping the house stay away from certain type of damages such as rodent intrusion, insect intrusion, air infiltration, water damages and UV radiation or all the other types of damages. For proper maintenance, you also make sure that the log cabin looks great.

Yearly Washing & Clear Maintenance Coat

An essential part of overall maintenance is annual washing which greatly helps in extending life of sealants and stains. This acts removes out all types of surface contaminates such as bird feces, insect webs, skeletons, egg sacs, dust or pollen. The process of washing will also enable you to find out the areas which have failed chinking or caulking and it will be much easier to get proper assessment of overall log house stain condition as you will have clear idea on what the main areas are which actually need maintenance. If you want to assess overall condition of the house, you better wait till the building is completely dry after you have washed it.

Knowing Type of Stain Coats

You must know the type of stains coated on the building as without knowing this, you can’t have proper assessment. For example, if the stains on your building is oil based, you should check out knots on walls. In case of wearing off the finishing, the areas will seem to be pale which means at least one maintenance stain coat should be applied on the area. Now you also have few oil based stains which bring clear upkeep coat which makes it a better choice, but it works only if stains are not dilapidated to naked wood. On the other hand, if the stain is waterborne latex, the finishing glossiness will let you know what you actually need to do now. In case you find that the finish looks dull, a clear upkeep coat should be applied to certain areas.

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Final Words

The yearly washing and clear maintenance coating of your log house can be really helpful in keeping your home in very good condition for a long time. Have a look at this website to learn more about log house maintenance and repairing.