Vital Steps to Create and Apply Designs in MS Word Table

Microsoft has done a great job by creating the MS Office as we can see its extensive use in the offices as well homes. Microsoft has never stopped its efforts regarding the improvements in MS Office. Now we can see the improvements almost every year. In this informative article, we will practice how to create a table and apply styles in the table created in MS Word.

Create a Table

You are required to follow the under mentioned steps to create a table in MS Word.

  • Open MS Word starting with the blank document that is displayed at startup normally.
  • Click on the Insert tab, and then click the Table tool.
  • From the menu, select Insert Table.
  • Indicate 3 columns and 25 rows and click OK. A new table will be created in the document and the insertion point will be placed in the first one.
  • Write the list you want.
  • Press the right arrow keys to move to the next cell and type the content.
  • Press the right arrow again and write.
  • Click Save and name the file MS Word.
  • Close it.

Apply Styles

To apply the styles in MS Word, the following steps to be applied.

  • Open MS Word file.
  • Click on the Layout tab of the Table Tools. If it does not appear on the ribbon, click on any cell in the table of the document and it will appear.
  • Put yourself in the Table Styles group where you can preview several styles. Use the up/down and more to go see all styles and select Grid 5.
  • Now you will focus on the Options group table style. Normal is that the options header row, first column and rows are marked with bands. Uncheck Header Row and see the change in the table. Then, turn it back on.
  • Typical formatting options also work in tables. Select the first row and change the alignment to Centered on the Home tab or in the context menu.
  • Close the document saving the changes.
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When you have learnt to create and apply the styles to the tables, it does not end here as you have many more functions to learn and apply such as the displacement in tables and sort alphabetically or in some other order as you require. The learning is not supposed to be stopped and it seems that Microsoft does not want it either from you, so it keeps making updates in MS Word Office.