Python Ball – A Shy Snake to Make a Nice Pet

Ball python has its origin in the western zone of the African continent. Its natural habitat is in the tropics, in latitudes characterized by stable temperatures of 22º C to 30º C throughout the year marked by rainy seasons from April to November.

The savannahs are their preferred places of residence, areas with few trees and water. It lives hidden under the trunk of fallen trees and burrows in the ground or can also be found on top of trees. Although this species is terrestrial, it also develops well in water where it can spend several days.

Physical Features

The ball python does not have an excessive size. When it is adult, its length oscillates between 1.30 and 1.50m and its weight can be superior to 1.5 kg. Males are usually smaller and less heavy than females. Both sexes are characterized by having a short body but strong musculature.

Its beautiful appearance is marked by different patterns of attractive colors. Its head is dark brown on top with a clear streak on each side from the snout to the temples and white ivory on the bottom. They may have darker spots in yellowish tones. There are 62 genetic variations of ball python in different shapes and colors like normal, albino, platinum, genetic streaking, caramel, horse peep, clown, ghost or jungle.

 Behavior of the Ball Python

Its name comes from its curious defensive behavior. In the face of threats, it reacts by twisting into a ball and hiding its head between its rings. It is a very shy species of harmless and non-aggressive character. These characteristics and their good adaptation to captivity make it one of the most habitual and desired pythons as a domestic pet.

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They have a long life expectancy, being able to live from 20 to 30 years. Their change of skin lasts from one to two weeks, altering the appearance of the ball python. Its eyes become more opaque and skin takes on a more muted appearance. Until the process is completed, its normal appearance or appetite will not recover.

The female python reaches sexual maturity at 4 or 5 years. It can put between 4 and 12 eggs passed 3 or 4 months of copulation with the male. After hatching for 60-90 days in some humid place, hatching occurs. The breeding takes between 2 and 3 days to leave the egg and when it is born, it is already self-sufficient to feed.