How Fast Can You Lose Weight With the hCG Diet?

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Australia offers plenty of outdoor activities where you can get some sweat going. Even the big cities like Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne have parks in the middle of the urban jungle. After work, and especially during weekends, you see a lot of Australians—both young and old—hang around the park. Some are jogging or walking their dog, and some are watching their kids play. Outsiders may look at Australians and marvel at how fit they are, but there are millions out there struggling to make weight.


According to the National Health Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of overweight people has increased from 63.4% in 2015 to 67% in 2018. The percentage translates to around 12.5 million adults. The more concerning figure is the ratio of children from 5-17 years old who are overweight, which represent 17% of the demographic.

What Is The hCG Diet?

According to hCG Diet Australia, this is not a new fad and is making waves because of how effective it is.

But what is it?

HCG refers to the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone easily detected in pregnant women. The hormone’s main function is to regulate the metabolism of the person during the duration of the pregnancy. As early as 50 years ago, research studies have already pointed to its potential to promote weight loss.

Today, you will find different hCG diet products, although one of the safest and most effective is the BioEnergetic hCG drop. It works by tricking your mind into processing and breaking down the fat cells. The best thing is that you do not need a doctor to administer injectable hCG since the product is placed under the tongue (sublingual).

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For best results, you need to follow a fitness and diet program along with the hCG drops. Of course, you need sufficient sleep—at least seven hours a day—and break down your meals into smaller portions while also ramping up the frequency—from five to six meals per day; if you can enrol in a gym then that would help too. If not, just some cardio exercises and lift training that you can do at home will do.

How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

According to hCG Diet Australia, those who tried the diet experienced weight loss to as much as two pounds a day. But how fast you lose the weight will still depend on you.

Some people complain that the hCG diet does not work. But they must have relied on the product alone without combining it with the 3-phase program.

Phase I – Two Days

  1. Take three drops per day, along with 2-3 litres of water.
  2. Exercise
  3. Load on healthy fats like nuts, seeds, salmon, coconut oil, salmon, to help with the burning process.

Phase II – 21-40 Days

  1. Take three drops per day and 2-3 litres of water.
  2. Do light exercises only.
  3. Stop loading on healthy fats and instead restrict your diet to carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables.
  4. Stop taking the hCG drops after 40 days, but continue with your low-calorie intake for another two days.

Phase III – 21-40 Days

  1. The final stage is called the maintenance phase.
  2. Ramp up your exercise.
  3. Avoid sugar and sweeteners, as well as trans-fat.
  4. Avoid fast food and starch like pasta.
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More than the amount of extra weight that you shed, the entire program is designed to change the mindset so that you would have a healthier relationship with your food. Even if you get off the hCG Diet, it is easy to sustain the new lifestyle so that the risk of relapsing will be reduced to zero.