Follow only SoundCloud users who are active

You have to follow the people you know have been online recently, either because you have seen that they recently posted a comment or have seen some activity on their profile. Before there was a green dot that indicated if someone was online, it seems that they have removed it in some SoundCloud update. There are a couple of reasons to follow only the users who are active.

The first is that there are many users of SoundCloud whose accounts are deprecated, so following them is useless and it is not productive at all, so focus on the active users, do not waste time with inactive or little active users whose response will not occur in a reasonable period of time.

Secondly, when a user gets a like or a comment on SoundCloud, it is much more likely that he or she will return the favor or at least see your profile which is already a lot.

When someone follows you, start your LCF (Like, Comment, Follow) routine.

You will quickly find that the routine of following the followers and doing LCF with their songs will earn you followers, listeners, comments and likes in your SoundCloud profile. The tactic is simple but requires effort and dedication.

When other return the follow, inquire among their SoundCloud followers.

Do not make the mistake of following the people he or she follows, follow those who follow him or her. At least, start to inquire among those people and that group of users who follow is a good source of future SoundCloud followers.

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The people who follow him or her have already gone through the filter to return the follow and are potential followers of you. Study them, do LCF, watch their latest activities, etc.

You do not have to check them one by one, but you can look at the number under your profile picture, with the people icon on the left, and you can click and focus on the top 10.

You must be online.

When you are online, you appear at the top of the followers’ profile list of the people you follow, in this way you become much more visible in the eyes of people who are also making their own core of followers, so keep your SoundCloud open in a browser tab and from time to time refresh the page, and you can do it by simply pressing F5.

Be patient!

Do not try to do it all the same day, or in a week. Set yourself a daily discipline to divide the work in small doses and not to overwhelm. You need it to be a productive activity, not something mechanical, so take your time and do things in the right manner.

I hope these guidelines will help you get more followers in SoundCloud.

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