Discover the Necessary Gun Cleaning Supplies

Proper cleaning, lubrication and storage of your gun provides you with the smooth operation and years of reliable use. Gun care means regular cleaning and rust prevention to stop corrosion and moisture buildup which affect the accuracy of your gun. Over time, powders leave deposits that cannot be seen and the regular gun care can eliminate this and prolong the life of your pistol and its parts. Proper gun care requires many gun cleaning supplies and the most common ones are often inside the gun cleaning kits.

Barrel Scrubbers

Bore barrel scrubber or brush is a combination of a brush and a swab. It cleans the inside of gun barrel, removing dust and moisture buildup.The combination of brush and scrubber allows you to clean a gun fast.


A light is used to observe the inside of the bore of the weapon, so that the notches, scratches and dirt can be seen easily.

Cold Solvent

It is a cleaning solvent used for guns to remove the deposits and grease from the mechanical parts of gun such as bolts, locks and springs. You can use cold solvent without damaging the metal or wood parts of gun.

Lubricant Oil

A gun must be lubricated in order to ensure that all moving parts operate properly and to prevent oxidation. There is a variety of oils available and your choice will depend on the gun.

Utility Brush

It is used to clean everything except your weapon’s bore. The larger bristles on the brush will clean any wide surfaces, while smaller ones can enter hard-to-reach areas and within moving parts such as trigger mechanism.

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Cotton Cleaning Patches

They have two uses and can be used with cleaning solvent to clean dirt and buildup of various parts of the gun and when cleaning has finished, they can be attached to one end of the grooved tool. The lubricant is then applied to the patch and the patch is run through the hole, which is a layer of oil to help prevent oxidation.

Cleaning Rods and Guides

They are used to apply solvent inside the gun barrel to clean dirt, debris and rust. Usually when using a cleaning rod, you will also need a rod guide which allows you to clean without scratching the inside of the barrel. Some guides have a rubber seal that prevents solvent from entering other parts of the gun.

Copper Grease

It is commonly used by automobile mechanics and can provide protection to the moving parts of your weapon and it prevents metal seizing and protects against corrosion.

Trigger Lock

It is for the trigger to prevent anyone else from being deliberately or accidentally using the gun. It is available in universal designs that will fit most types of guns, but you can also buy locks designed for many specific makes and models.

Weapon Cases

They are used in transporting your gun. They are made in a variety of materials from leather fabric to hard plastics and protect the weapon from scratches, dirt and moisture.