Benefits of Discount Coupons in Ecommerce

The growth of electronic commerce in the world makes competition become increasingly fierce when it comes to online sales. A good alternative to boost a store’s sales are discount coupons. There are several ways to use them, and the benefits that this resource offers are many.

In physical stores, coupons are recurring strategies used by retailers and brands to offer different types of discount. In electronic commerce, the possibilities are even greater. They appear in different types and may have different forms of use. Among the main advantages is the customer loyalty and the feeling of exclusivity.

What are the types of discount coupons?

The types of discount coupons that can be offered in e-commerce will depend on your creativity. There is an enormous universe of possibilities and you must choose the option according to the objectives of the promotion. To inspire yourself, read below the most common actions that are carried out with discount coupons.


It is one of the most repeated types of promotion. Generally, it is offered on commemorative dates, general or according to the market segment of the store. Demonstrating that the customer is attentive to what he or she needs generates a sense of exclusivity and improves the shopping experience.

Middle Ticket

They are regular discount coupons, such as gift certificates. They are offered to provide customers with a lower value on the next purchase. They work as you offer a discount percentage if the customer buys a certain value. For example, 10% discount on the next purchase over $100.

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These discount coupons help customer loyalty, because the possibility of buying back to your store increases from the time you know of the possibility of obtaining discount in the future.

Tips To Make The Most Of Discount Coupons

Some strategies can be used to improve how to offer discount coupons for your customers and here you will get to know two of these strategies.

1 – Increase in Value of Average Ticket

You already know how the average ticket works. But if you want to increase your value, this can boost your sales. For example, if your average ticket is less than $200, create a discount coupon of 15% or 20% for purchases over $250. This can make your client spend a little more to ensure the discount.

2 – Find Customers Who Left the Cart

One of the main challenges of those who maintain an electronic commerce is to decrease the abandonment rate of the virtual shopping carts. A creative strategy to recover this customer may be to send an email with a discount coupon code to use within a short time, so that he or she can return and confirm the purchase. In addition to being satisfied with the product, the customer will feel exclusive in terms of the care given to him or her by the company, which will help to retain customer loyalty.