Are Marine Solar Panels Right Choice For Power Generation?

Marine solar panel for boat is a natural, clean, quiet and inexpensive way to generate electricity. You can use on the boat, at the dock, or campsite location and be sure that you are not harming the environment. Marine solar panels are ideal for sites that are remote with no or limited resource of electricity. Even with electrical access, you will prefer to depend on your marine solar panel to charge you marine batteries and run the small devices and lighting.

You can connect your solar panels to your marine battery to maintain full battery power levels. You’ll never be stranded due to lack of electricity in remote areas. Use with an inverter to convert stored current from DC to AC power to run the on board appliances. They’re available in 6V, 12V and higher capacity, and are solid, thin, or flexible in styling.

You will never be without weather and emergency radios, GPS systems, fish finders, and other critical electronic equipment due to lack of electricity. They can be mounted on the boat, or used as portables, to capture free sun energy all day long. You can also combine them with wind turbines for the dark days and nights. New systems are designed to look good when installed on your boat, and fit right with your other marine equipment. They are weather resistant and durable for long time and some have up to 20 years of warranty.

You can use the marine solar panel for generating electric power on recreational or commercial yachts and sea vessels. They’re available in many capacities and a wide range of prices to fit every budget. Designed to be weather tough, they’re built to be strong to resist breakage. They’re very slim but generate plenty of steady current.

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They work just like your home or business solar panels. Comprised of a collection of solar modules that are filled with silicon solar photovoltaic cells, they generate electrical current when hit with sunlight. This current is sent to the storage battery, and then on to the inverter for conversion from DC to AC power. Some appliances and devices can work directly from the solar panels, or DC batteries. They can also provide a trickle current to keep your marine battery fully charged all the time.

The beauty of solar power is that it is a freely available, being a renewable energy source. Nothing is burned, so there are no pollutants or hazardous by-products produced. There is no waste, nothing to be recycled. It is important to keep the batteries charged, because when they get below 80% discharged, they may not be fully recharged. When a storm is coming, you need that engine to start since lacking electricity is not an option.

You can spend more time on the water, less time at the dock, and more time enjoying your recreational or commercial water activities when you rely on solar panels for marine power. As demand rises, prices fall, and you will find that there are many online and land based suppliers for solar products. If you have not tried it yet, it’s definitely time to give it a try.