Are Electric Pencil Sharpener Really Convenient and Efficient?

If you are tired of sharpening your pencils manually and you want an easy and automatic way to keep your pencils sharp and ready for use at all times, you should consider getting an electric pencil sharpener. This little gadget is perfect for keeping any type of pencils sharp and ready for use, including colored pencils, make up pencils and even cosmetic pencils.

The good thing about this type of pencil sharpener is that it’s really accurate when it comes to sharpening your pencils. You never have to worry about it over sharpening your pencils too because it has a built-in sensor that will cause it to stop the sharpening process immediately when it has detected that enough wood has been shaved off. It will also help you prevent pencil waste so that your pencils can last longer. If you were to sharpen your pencils manually with a knife blade or a manual pencil sharpener, you will find that in most cases, you have to sharpen them several times before you can make them sharp and usable.

When it comes to buying the best electric pencil sharpener, you need to choose a model that not only looks good on your desk but also one that comes with a cutting blade that is constructed from heavy duty durable steel. This is especially important if you need to sharpen a lot of pencils. Heavy duty models have more powerful motor so they can sharpen more pencils without getting overheated or burned out easily. Also make sure that the model is capable of shutting the motor off automatically when sharpening is done and that it has a large and easy to clean shavings receptacle or tray.

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Nevertheless, it is important to note that most models will get hot in the motor housing area when they are overheated. When this happens, it will shut off automatically and you will need to let it cool down enough first before you can resume your sharpening. The difference between a heavy duty model and a normal one is that the former has high powered steel alloy blades that can sharpen your pencils in seconds and it can also operate for a much longer period time, thus making it possible for you to sharpen a lot of pencils before it gets overheated.

Besides choosing a model that has a heavy duty motor for stall-free operation, you should also make sure that it features thermal overload protection because this feature is seriously going to help you increase the motor life. If you find the sharpening noise to be annoying, you might want to get the quietest pencil sharpener you can find. This can be very helpful if you need a quiet pencil sharpener for an environment such as a classroom or office where any unnecessary noise can cause disturbance and interrupt the attention or concentration of others.

If you plan to use it to sharpen your cosmetic pencils so that you can get factory fresh point each and every time, you need to choose a model that is designed for sharpening make up pencils. This is because you need a different blade mechanism that is just strong enough to cut through the tough outer shell and at the same time fast enough to cut through the soft make-up portion of your cosmetic pencil. You must get more info before to decide to get one.

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