6 Useful and Career-Driving Online Courses to Try

Published by Emma

Do you want to succeed or do better in life? Then you shouldn’t use the pandemic as an excuse for failing to accomplish anything. If there is one important thing that the COVID-19 crisis has taught us, it is important to appreciate the abundance of new information and skills that we can learn and hone. Skills such as content writing or online training forSMSF courses.

Driving Online Courses

Luckily, the present time has unlocked many technological advancements in the form of the internet, smartphones, and laptops. It makes it easier to source new information and impart knowledge to a broader audience despite differences in physical distance or time zone.

For those who are hungry for new information that they can use to start over in their careers or boost their efficiency and knowledge, below are six excellent online courses that are worth trying:


Aside from learning, selling and making a profit can now be done online. E-commerce is a phase in the retail industry that will persist for a long period.  You may not be new to the practice of selling, purchasing, and auctioning goods on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. Discovering the do’s and don’ts of establishing your online store or e-commerce website is a smart way to earn extra cash or get your products known to a broad audience while on a tight budget.

Content Creation

Since several businesses are transitioning their marketing and sales strategies online, more brands will likely need content creation services. Creating content for businesses covers writing service page content, blogs, guest posts, and even social media management. Writing is a highly versatile skill because it unlocks several full-time and part-time work opportunities.

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Podcasting is a form of creating and marketing content. What sets it apart is it is published in a digital audio format. The creator is the speaker in the podcast, and they tackle different issues or topics. Podcasts are segmented into different episodes, depending on the vastness of the topics covered. Online seminars for podcasts are an excellent choice for people who want to publish original content for their own business or personal gain.

Contact Tracing

Recently, online training for contact tracing was opened to interested learners. It teaches people the key skills and procedures needed to help trace close contacts of patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Sourcing additional help from ordinary citizens is a big step for the healthcare industry, especially since doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are also falling prey to the deadly pandemic.

IT and Computer Literacy

The world will continuously follow a straight path toward embracing Artificial Intelligence and technology. Unlocking crucial skills in IT and operating computers will help boost each individual’s efficiency while also making tech a universal language that everyone can understand, regardless of their age or background. Skills and careers involving hardware, different computer systems, and networks are all instrumental in devising useful instruments that will improve working and learning conditions, and the safety of every individual.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

If opening a business is not your cup of tea, then perhaps developing skills and expanding your familiarity with investments and growing funds suits you. Most SMSF course you encounter online will teach you everything, from the basic question of creating your SMSF to more complex topics involving the processes and conditions required to keep your super fund up and running.

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Which of these exciting online courses would you like to give a try?