5 Things to Know about OnePlus 3T

Are you looking for the best android smart phone of all times? Is your current smart phone affecting your routine activities regarding mobile phone?

You are just one step away from the solution to your all of your problems! All you need is to know about OnePlus 3T Android Smartphone? Yes! Even after the launch of every latest brand of the Android phone.

1 – Upgrade Performance

Normally this phone is the upgraded version of the OnePlus 3 and it works with the upgraded software Snapdragon (SD 821) from 820. The RAM of the 3T is similar to the OnePlus 3 version, i.e., 6 GB but the overall working performance of the processor of this latest version is quite remarkable. The speed of the phone is really fast and allows you to switch between apps and games very quickly, unlike all other phones that are at competition with OnePlus 3T on the market. Moreover the internal storage can be upto 128 GB, making it even spacious.

Keeping in view the speed and high performance of this smart phone, don’t take a second, change your phone to android OnePlus 3T right now!

2 –Design

The body design of the latest version of OnePlus 3T is almost similar to its prior version with only few changes. The mobile body is really elegantly designed, made up of aluminium. Due to the increment in the size of the battery the thickness of the phone is slightly increased from the previous version. The overall shiny look of the mobile makes it very classic and feels good to hold it in public as well.

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3 –Display Screen

The screen of the mobile phone is quite wide with 5.5 inches Super Amoled 1080p display. The camera of the phone is 16 MP (both front and rear camera), allowing you to capture your photos and videos with high picture quality and fine resolution.

4 –Battery Life

The battery of the OnePlus 3T is 3400 mAh which is really big in comparison to the previous version which has 3000 mAh battery and iphone 7 Plus, which has 2900 mAh. So, this battery distinction allows it to work all day long, with Wi-Fi usage, heavy audios and videos streaming, messaging and mobile calls.

Another most distinguishable feature of the OnePlus 3T, that you must need to know is the battery charging time that it utilizes. About half hour is enough to fully charge the phone. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Other android phones take couple of hours and even whole night to fully charge the battery. This makes it convenient for usage.

5 –Reasonable Price

The price of the mobile phone is quite reasonable in comparison to the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus because it has most of its features that lead the iPhone, even better than the Apple phones.