4 Pizza Recipes That Won’t Let You Get Overweight

Dieting is something that requires a lot of effort for the reason that you have to avoid certain foods that you like but those foods are quite harmful to the body as is the case with junk food or sweets and you should opt for a lot healthier foods as is the case with vegetables. Though many people think that pizza is a junk food, it is possible to make different types of pizzas that are very low calorie and healthy for the body. Take note of them and enjoy a delicious pizza whenever you feel like it.

1 – Egg Pizza

A type of pizza you can eat without fear of gaining weight is egg pizza. The first thing to do is to add a little oil to the pan and then add 3 egg whites. When it has set perfectly, you will have base ready of the pizza to put the ingredients that you want. In this way, you can put a little mozarella and green peppers cut up along with some black olives. After a couple of minutes, you can remove the pan from the fire and enjoy this wonderful egg pizza of Egg Poultry

2 – Pizza with Chicken Base

In this case you will use chicken as the base of pizza. In this way, it is much healthier and contains fewer calories than a normal pizza does. The first thing to do is to take a chicken breast and flatten it well with the help of a roller. Put the breast in a pan and cook until it is perfectly cooked. You can put a little tomato along with mozarella and you have a delicious chicken based pizza ready to be served.

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3 – Pizza with Vegetable Base

In addition to the green peppers, you can use other vegetables to make a totally healthy and low calorie pizza. In this way, you can opt for mushrooms, aborigines or zucchini. It is as easy as cleaning all the vegetables and emptying them well. Fill with what you like and let it bake for a few minutes. In this easy and simple way, you can taste a wonderful pizza without feeling guilty about it.

4 – Pizza with Peppers

With peppers you can get a wonderful dough pizza that you should try as soon as possible. Take two green peppers and cut them in half. Clean well and remove all seeds. Put on a baking sheet and sprinkle them with a little oil. Put them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes. Once tender, you can fill them with whatever you like. Sprinkle with a little grated cheese and gratin for a few minutes. Remove from oven and serve immediately